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Please complete the following information to submit your request for potential job opportunities. 

You are taking an important step applying.  We are looking forward to connecting with you. Please fill out this form completely to make sure that we can contact you!

Landscaping is very physically demanding! The ideal candidate will be able to perform these basic tasks easily. Please note that whenever we can make a task easier or safer, we always do our best to make accommodations to prevent unnecessary stress or risk. 

  • Work standing / walking / kneeling for extended periods of time

  • Handling the various landscaping tools safely pertaining the job-specific role

  • Lift and carry plants, pottery, mulch, soil, and other landscape related materials as needed

  • Frequent squatting, kneeling, bending, and climbing

  • Safely perform tasks in direct sun in very hot temperatures

If any of the tasks listed above cause concern, please communicate your concerns to see if a your concern is relevant to the role you are applying for. If yes, we discuss if an accommodation can be made to overcome any obstacles within reason. 

Are you authorized to work in the United States?
Do you consent to a criminal background check?
Do you have any physical limitations that prevent you from working on your feet for long periods of time?
Do you have any physical limitations that prevent you from lifting and carrying objects weighing up to 100 lbs?
Do you consent to a drug test?
Do you have any physical limitations that prevent you from bending, stretching, or kneeling?
Soho Landscape has a personal appearance policy that does not allow facial or neck tattoos. Do you have, or are you planning to get any tattoos that would violate this policy?
Which role(s) at Soho are you interested in applying for?

Thanks for your interest in Soho Landscape. We will review and contact you shortly.

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